Comprehensive Online Toolbox for Erosion Control Products

Soil erosion has a significant impact on valuable water resources throughout the world and can impair water resources used for drinking, navigation, recreation or irrigation. As such, public awareness, and the regulatory emphasis on maintaining clean, beneficial waterways have resulted in a need for quantifiable performance in erosion and sediment control practices.

This awareness has elevated the urgency of erosion and sediment control professionals in demanding best management practices (BMPs) so all projects can  be specified, installed, and inspected with confidence.  Proper design tools and engineered solutions are an essential component in achieving BMPs for any erosion and sediment control project. However, the average project manager or designer has limited time to research copious amounts of information.

To that end, the Erosion Control Technology Council (ECTC) comprised of manufacturers of Rolled Erosion Control Products (RECPs);  Hydraulic Erosion Control Products (HECPs); and Sediment Retention Fiber Rolls (SRFRs), and various other stakeholders within the erosion control community, have developed an online comprehensive toolbox to help users successfully specify and install erosion and sediment control products.

“Sediment Retention Fiber Rolls can be an excellent device to keep sediment on a site, however it is important that they are installed correctly. ECTC offers the specifier and the end user the tools they need to do the job properly,” says Laurie Honnigford, ECTC Executive Director. “The ECTC worked together to develop testing protocols, installation guidelines, and application specifications from a non-biased industry perspective. This “toolbox” provides comprehensive engineering solutions, including selecting products, product installation and a variety of engineered solutions for any erosion problem.”

This industry cooperation is significant because different challenges in providing adequate erosion control in the field require a diverse toolbox of solutions for BMPs.

Honnigford added, “Because BMPs refer to the individual tools available to the erosion control professional in stabilizing and minimizing soil erosion, a BMPs standard toolbox for erosion control professionals should allow users to determine the over-all most beneficial solution to any particular field challenge; as well as understanding the expected performance and overall value of alternative practices.”  To this end, the ECTC conducted research for a series of BMPs to evaluate common technologies.

Within the framework of a dedicated study, the practice typically referred to as “Blown Straw” and a typical RECP were compared. This article presents the results of the comparison. To find a copy of this paper, go to

“The erosion control industry has been advancing its products to meet the changing needs of the environment,” says Honnigford, “The white paper is one of many useful resources for BMPs developed by the ECTC with information to help successfully specify and install erosion and sediment control products, in addition, the Erosion Control Toolbox is now one of the most popular resources available.

The ECTC’s online toolbox has a comprehensive list of resources including specifications, installation instructions, PDFs and DWG files for design and installation drawings and installation videos.   The entire toolbox can be accessed here


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