What's Trending in Erosion Control

Top 20 in 2020!

As 2020 draws to a close, we would like to reflect on ECTC's accomplishments. Although this year brought many challenges for many industries, we are glad that we as an organization were able to continue promoting the use of erosion control products through industry leadership and education. 

 ECTC's Installation Videos in Spanish

 All of ECTC's Installation videos for HECPs, SRFRs, and RECPs are available in Spanish. These videos are available for training installation crews.

 A New Sediment Retention Fiber Roll (SRFR) Specification

ECTC published an updated specification for SRFRs. SRFRs, also known as wattles, logs, tubes, or fiber rolls and are offered as a prefabricated unit.

ECTC's HECP Fact Sheet is Here!

ECTC published a Fact Sheet on hydraulically applied erosion control products. The Fact Sheet contains information about HECP properties, applications, and proper installation.

 Rolled Erosion Control Fact Sheet is Available

 ECTC published a Fact Sheet about temporary Rolled Erosion Control Products, their properties, applications, and proper installation.

 Borrow our Tools. Don't Bother to Return Them.

ECTC has a toolbox of information, specifications, installation methods, and products. Take what you need. No need to return them.




Need Erosion Control and Soil Enrichment?

Comprehensive Online Toolbox for Erosion Control Products

Hydraulic Biotic Soil Amendments (HBSA's) may be the answer. Check out the properties of the material.

ECTC has tools for you to use. The Toolbox provides erosion control specifications, product selection tables, and "how-to" videos and installation guides.